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Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. His latest book, Real Cause, Real Cure.

by Looking Vibrant October 08, 2018

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. His latest book, Real Cause, Real Cure.


What you don't know, You don't if its going to heal you, or kill you...

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. Real Cause, Real Cure. 

This state of disease due to nutritional deficiency is the basis of the propounded “triage theory” of world-class scientist Bruce Ames, PhD, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and inventor of the Ames Test, the standard method used to determine whether a chemical can cause cancer.

The triage theory says that the body copes with micronutrient deficiencies by using available vitamins and minerals to ensure day-to-day survival.

The result: The body’s long-term needs are shortchanged, causing chronic diseases— specifically, the current plague of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis,    osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s.

“Scientists have been evaluating the wrong factors in setting the RDAs,”said Dr. Ames in a recent interview. “They have been looking at adequate intake based on the acute but not the chronic effects of inadequate intake. So someone with an adequate’ intake might seem perfectly healthy today— but he’s setting himself up for chronic disease because of an ongoing deficiency of micronutrients. We need to be ‘tuned up’ with vitamins and minerals throughout life. Anytime we’re not, we pay the price in long-term damage. “Nutritionists say, ‘If you eat a good diet, you’ll get all the vitamins and minerals you need,” Dr. Ames continued. “Well, I eat a good diet— but I also take a good quality daily multivitamin and mineral supplements for insurance.

I don’t think Any diet can be optimum in every micronutrient.” The daily micronutrient deficiencies that are likely causing long-term problems? Dr. Bruce N Amescompiled the following list, and it reads a lot like the label of a typical multivitamin / mineral supplement!  

Acetyl-L-carnitine Alpha-lipoic acid Biotin Calcium Choline Cobalamin (vitamin B12) Copper Folate Iron Magnesium Niacin Omega-3 fatty acids Pantothenate Potassium  (vitamin B6)  (vitamin B2) Selenium Thiamin (vitamin B1) Vitamin D Zinc In the following sections, you’ll find a nutrient-by-nutrient guide to the level of vitamin and mineral supplementation that can prevent these deficiencies and— most important— optimize your health. For each nutrient, we also present the diseases that can be prevented, and sometimes cured, by treating a deficiency.  This is one of the longest chapters in the book. Why? Because I think that nutritional deficiency is the leading cause of so many modern illnesses and that simple nutritional support is one of the most powerful weapons in your self-care arsenal.

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum: “All You Get from Taking Supplements Is Expensive Urine”

One reason I emphasize nutrition as an essential part of your self-care and self-healing is because there are so many “official” voices telling you that nutritional supplementation is a waste of your time and money. In fact, while I was writing this book, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee issued its findings after 2 years of work— and made almost no changes to its 2005 guidelines (a sure sign of an ossified bureaucracy). The executive summary of the report states, “A daily multivitamin / mineral supplement does not offer health benefits to healthy Americans.”  

I would fire those executives summarily! 

I find it hard to believe that they carefully examined the nutritional research that you’ll find reported throughout this book. We urge you not to come to the same conclusion they did. And we don’t think you will after perusing the rest of this chapter. Some so-called experts like to confuse people by making the “urine” statement above. (The statement is so often made that if you Google the phrase “expensive urine,” you’ll produce more than 65,000 hits!) Well, the oft-heard statement ignores the fact that the same thing happens to vitamins and other nutrients in food, so I guess you don’t need to eat, either! My response to those “experts” who repeat this nonsense? Stop wasting your time and money drinking water, which ends up in your urine! Very soon, you, the expert, will no longer be advising anyone about what’s best for optimal  health.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick showed in this image below and said: "a Double Strands Break is a biomarker for inflammation, cancer and aging caused by nutrition deficiencies. 

Dr. Bruce N Ames says,

  • “Deficiency in Vitamin, D, ZINK, Calcium, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, B12, Selenium, Omega-3EFA, Niacin, Choline and E Cause Chromosome Break (Double Strands Break) Which lead to many diseases including Cancer and accelerate aging”.
  • In addition, you need a minimum of 15 vitamins and a minimum of 15 minerals that are needed by the body for protein manufacture. These proteins are needed for your metabolism to function. If you don’t get any one of these 30 substances you would die!”

Dr. Teitelbaum continues,

Look at the devastating consequences deficiency in just one Nutrient vitamin D;

“70% of whites, 90 % of Latinos, and 97% of blacks in the United States have low blood levels of vitamin D, reported researchers at Harvard and the University of Colorado in the Archives of Internal Medicine. That’s three out of four Americans with a vitamin D deficiency, which is so easy to prevent— causes tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year in the United States from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia. Dr. Jacob & Gottlieb continue: “New research shows that these health problems are caused or complicated by vitamin D deficiency. (And you can add arthritis, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis to that list of D-deficiency conditions.) D targets more than 2,000 genes (according to Dr. Bruce N Ames)— including genes that maintain the health of the heart, brain, immune system, muscles, and bones. 

Also, Dr. Rhonda Patrick Rebuttal to anti-Vitamin editorial: "Enough Is Enough"

Applied knowledge is power...

 Cheers To Your health-

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