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Dr. Russell Jaffe' "Nutritional BioMarkers Tests can cost as high as $50,000"!

by Looking Vibrant March 17, 2018

Dr. Russell Jaffe' "Nutritional BioMarkers Tests can cost as high as $50,000"!

Dr. Russell Jaffe' 

 Why get to this point,  spending $50,000 on nutritional clinical BioMarkers tests in the first place When we all can get a tremendous benefits from using these supplements (regardless of the level of toxins in our bodies since toxins are impossible to avoid from food, air, water, stress, GMO, And other negative factors that surround our daily lives that produces many toxins causing havoc on our health in the short, mid and long term...

Understanding basic health metrics

Dr. Russell Jaffe';

• The body is acidic by design, yet alkaline in function.
• 92% of lifetime health is choice.
• 8% genetic vs. 92% epigenetic
• When digestion if feeding the body correctly, you are in a state of healthful resilience.
• If you have a Hemoglobin A1c of less than 5%, you have more than 99% of surviving additional 10 years. 


Dr. Russell Jaffe': "I want my predictive biomarkers within 5%".

o → more precision
• White coat hyperglycemia exists just like white coat hypertension.
• Those same stress hormones that raise blood pressure also raise blood sugar!
o Hemoglobin A1c is a more predictive, more reliable measure than blood sugar and insulin.
o It is the average blood sugar stuck onto the hemoglobin molecule, in the red cell.
• You want an immune-tolerant diet.
o Half of the immune system in the body resides in the lining of the digestive tract!
• If you keep the blood sugar of a diabetic in healthy ranges, they have no complications.
o You can manage most diabetes with lifestyle.
o Diabetes kills about a half a million people in America each year.
o Diabetes is a lifestyle choice.
• Migraine is a food hypersensitivity problem until proven otherwise.
o 88% of all migraines can be linked to just 40 foods.
• Inflammation is now linked, essentially, to all ill health problems.
Dr Russel Jaffe: Healthy digestion = healthy microbiome
• Probiotics are healthy bugs.
• Antibiotics don’t know if a bug is good or bad, only if it is sensitive or non sensitive.
• There is a brain inside the skull, but there is also a brain inside the belly.
→ Communication between both nervous systems happens at all times, and there is a gut-brain connection.
→ Every neurohormone that’s in your brain is also in your gut.
Central Nervous System Peripheral Nervous System
Consists of the nerves and ganglia outside of the brain and spinal cord
The autonomic nervous system is an involuntary control of smooth muscle and glands.

OH, by the way : Never take two kinds of pain medicines within a week of each other!

Multiplying the risk and dividing the benefit
Not synergistically beneficial
• Prebiotics → 40-100g unprocessed fiber / day
o Fiber to bind toxins and improve digestion
• Probiotics → 40-100 billion probiotic organisms a day from diet and supplements
o Having more good bugs
• Symbiotics → recycled glutamine
o Energize / repair in the gut
• Glutamine provides energy to repair the gut.
• The Immune System is a high amplification system.
o We want the immune system well balanced so that it can defend and repair.
• If you have acid building up in the cell the battery shuts down
o When acid builds up in the cell, the proton gradient goes away and the mitochondria shuts down.
• Redox potential- the set point of the cell
o Ascorbate sets the redox potential.
o A low redox potential is healthier.
• pH and mineral balance go together.
o When you have enough minerals like potassium and magnesium inside cells, you have a healthy proton gradient, and good things can happen.

"Load up On L-ascorbate"

An average healthy person will need apex. 14,000mg daily to recalibrate cells. But for those who are very sick, they'll need up120,000 mg daily (Make sure you consult your physician before using any supplements especially if you're suing medication.)
L-ascorbate (Vitamin C) and heavy metal detoxification
• Chronically ill people need to take a much higher amount of Vitamin C daily
• Ascorbate helps to increase Glutathione
• L-ascobate sacrifices itself to protect from Oxidation
Dr. Bruce Ames and Balz Frei reviewed world literature on Ascorbate and said: “Ascorbate is SAFER AND THE MOST VERSATILE WATER SOLUBLE ANTI-OXIDANT. This means that adequate ascorbate can protect, directly or indirectly, every part of the cell or organ from free radical damage.


Details that make L-ascorbate more effective;

• People need to fill their L-ascorbate needs
• Fully reduced L-ascorbate is better
• Fully buffered L-ascorbate is better AND Without masking agent
• Only use L-ascorbate (Never dl-ascorbate) people with discomfort in the gut taking L-ascobate, Most likely are taking dl ascorbate which is synthetic and builds up in the gut. Not recommended at all!


Dr. Russell Jaffe, Take home this message

• Take care of your Mitochondria & They will take care of you (and vice versa).
• Nourishment is elegantly simple in concept… yet one so often overlooked at a great cost.
• Many current clinical conditions linked to mitochondrial dysfunction (That in turn is caused by oxidative damage that in turn is an Antioxidants deficiency /caused by anti-oxidant defiance.)
• Keep the mitochondrial energy production system foremost in your thoughts…both you & your patients will benefit
More research from top nutritional scientist shows the direct links between disease and nutritional deficiencies 

Dr. Bruce N Ames

Triage Theory Suggests a Cause of Much Preventable Mutation and Cancer

The “triage theory” [provides a unifying rationale for a causal link between chronic modest deficiency of a micronutrient (~40 essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids) and the many degenerative diseases accompanying aging such as cancer, immune dysfunction, cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. If the theory is correct, the incidence of these diseases might be reduced by an inexpensive micronutrient intervention.

Triage theory posits that during evolution, as a result of periods of shortage of micronutrients required by various proteins for function, nature was selected for a rebalancing of metabolism (e.g., by selection for strong micronutrient binding constants for critical proteins). This rebalancing ensured survival of the organism at the expense of metabolism whose lack caused the accumulation of insidious damage leading to longer-term consequences, that I proposed including chronic diseases of aging. That nature may have developed such a system is logically consistent with the consensus that natural selection favors short-term survival for reproduction over long-term health. 

During evolution micronutrient shortages were likely to be very common, For example, the 15 essential minerals are not distributed evenly on the earth; dietary sources and availability also fluctuated markedly .  

The triage theory predicts that optimizing intake of the ~40 essential micronutrients will reduce the risk of chronic diseases associated with aging and increase lifespan.  Micronutrients are remarkably inexpensive.

Micronutrient intakes below recommended levels are unusually widespread in poor countries, but also in the US population in all segments of society, especially the poor, children, adolescents, the obese, and the elderly.

High consumption of calorie-rich, micronutrient-poor unbalanced diets exacerbates the problem. For example, over half of the US population have inadequate intakes of magnesium, almost all African-Americans are extremely low in vitamin D, and much of the population is low in a variety of other micronutrients, (e.g., omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K). There is little societal concern because no overt pathologies have been associated with marginal to moderate levels of deficiency.

The triage theory predicts that the pathology is insidious, but we believe that it is measurable. We hypothesize that two of the many insidious, but measurable, consequences of moderate micronutrient inadequacy are increased DNA damage (future cancer) and mitochondrial decay (mutagenic oxidant release, future cancer, and cognitive dysfunction) as aspects of a triage response.

These consequences are known to increase with age. In addition, evidence from our own work and that of others, as briefly reviewed below, indicates that sensitive assays targeted at these endpoints have a high likelihood of detecting changes in individuals with moderate micronutrient deficiencies.

Other age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and immune dysfunction are also increased by micronutrient deficiencies and are discussed elsewhere.


The work on acetyl carnitine and lipoic acid suggests that decay of mitochondria leading to cancer and a variety of other diseases of aging is not inevitable but can be delayed by various interventions to improve metabolism. Understanding the mechanisms will suggest still other interventions. For example, if the effectiveness of lipoic acid is because it induces the ~200 enzymes in the phase-2 defense system against oxidants, as seems likely, then the whole area of optimizing our various inducible defense systems for longevity by hormetic mechanisms becomes attractive and we are at the start of the discovery of many interventions.  

If the triage hypothesis proves to be correct, as the vitamin K analysis suggests, it will demonstrate the importance for a long and healthy life of avoiding modest micronutrient deficiencies for minimizing cancer and other age-related diseases, and for changing how people think about nutrition and health.

Most of the world's population, including that of the US, is inadequate in one or more micronutrients according to current intake recommendations. Yet, because there is no overt pathology associated with these levels of deficiency, there has been little public concern.

The triage hypothesis framework may facilitate the discovery of sensitive and specific biomarkers of micronutrient insufficiencies that can be used to optimize metabolism at a personal and population level. Current recommendations do not take into account the insidious biochemical consequences of metabolic triage.

We think that we can show that insidious damage is indeed occurring at modest levels of deficiency and that this damage will increase the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognitive dysfunction, and the other diseases associated with aging.  

Biomarkers testing options: https://www.wellnessfx.com/packages

Applied Knowledge Is Power.

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