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Interview with Dr. Thomas Levy regarding Vitamin C amazing benefits.

by Looking Vibrant October 10, 2018

Interview with Dr. Thomas Levy  regarding Vitamin C amazing benefits.

Interview with Dr. Thomas Levy

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Interview Script Summary

Dr. Thomas Levy says, just “1000 mg Liposomal vitamin C technology effects is the equivalence to 15000 mg of regular Vitamin C”.

Dr. Levy, “Liposomal is better than IV in the box.  

When I was very sick, had the flue / cold and couldn’t take regular / oral vitamin C because my bowels were intolerant, and I couldn’t take IV vitamin C anymore...

I was skeptical but I remembered they’ve told me that liposomal doesn’t cause bowel effects and I was very sick and took 5g (5000mg) Liposomal C, within an hour I felt better than I’ve ever felt under similar circumstances with 50g (50,000mg) Intervenes and without the Poke”.   

Dr Levy commented on the New Zealand farmer saved by Vitamin C who's family consulted him and they asked him if vitamin C can help and he said, absolutely it will help in high doses when their father was in a complete coma...

Dr. Levy continues to say that, When you have a situation like that (life and death situation) Doctors need to get the crap knocked out of them, that's all there's to it.  

When you have something that is inexpensive, non toxic and proven to be effective, You have no right as a doctor not to give it. You  have no right to say, well, I don't know, or i'm not sure,  bla bla bla...

What you do have, the right as a doctor to turn the patient to someone else or you have the right to deal with the legal ramification of denying somebody an agent, like vitamin C, that's been so reputedly proven to be phenomenally powerful far more than antibiotics.

Although it can be taking with antibiotics so no ones feeling gets hurt...

Dr. Levy continues, Properly utilized Vitamin C can very easily displace or eliminate 50% of prescription medications.

Interviewer asked, You think so, 50%? Dr. Levy says, Absolutely. 

Vitamin C will never fail you if you take enough of it in enough force...

Cheers to your health...


Looking Vibrant
Looking Vibrant

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