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"Just look @ Your Body Right Now, You're Looking At The Past" Dr. Deepak Chopra MD

by Looking Vibrant January 23, 2018

"Just look @ Your Body Right Now, You're Looking At The Past" Dr. Deepak Chopra MD

Changing Your Body

"Just look @ Your Body Right Now, You're Looking At The Past"

(Dr. Deepak Chopra MD)

Public TV .Sun 1/12/14

What R U Hungry For?

If you think it’s too late to make a difference in your body, You’re too old, Your Skin and wrinkles are too much to make any improvement by starting taking high quality nutritional supplements in the Bottle, Think Again!

Your Body is a RIVER of change And Now we know scientifically that:

  • 98% of your body Molecule and Atoms of our body R recycled in less than a year
  • Your stomach Lining is New every 5 days
  • Your Skin changes every month! Ladies R U listening out there?
  • Your Skeleton (Even though it seems so hard and solid, is a Dynamic organ with Calcium and Phosphorus) It changes every 3 months
  • By the way you Think, Eat, and Drink, You can even Alter the activity of your Genes and the structure of your brain
  • Remember, You’re not your body, You’re its Creator (You sculpt and shape your body through the New Habits of thinking, Eating and drinking and if I were to summarize it all up to now, That the Body You’re looking @ Now is the Product of your passed experiences… Just look @ Your Body right Now, YOU’RE LOOKING AT THE PAST.. There’s an Ancient Saying: If you want to know your experiences in the past look at your body Now and If you want to create a New Body Change your experiences Now. If Not Now When!?  
  • If you want to change your body, Change Your experiences, Your Habits of eating and drinking
  • You’re not your emotions and you don’t have to be ruled by them and once you come aware of that You can make simple emotional changes that will profoundly improve your life and we’ll being THUS You do not have to suffer the limitations and shame of being OBESE Or become a Victim of Diabetes and live in fear of heart disease, cancer or other diseases Just because it runs in the family, etc.

It's Your Life!

If You Don't Start Today, When?

Cheers To Your Health-


Looking Vibrant
Looking Vibrant

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