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Natural Treatment For MS: How To Heal Multiple Sclerosis. By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

by Looking Vibrant March 10, 2018

Natural Treatment For MS: How To Heal Multiple Sclerosis.  By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

MS is a condition of demyelination, meaning that the nerves have lost their protective coating, the myelin, on the outside. Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves an immune-mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. Symptoms begin when the immune system attacks the myelin sheath

(Fatty substance) surrounding the nerves. The myelin sheath is the insulating layer of tissue made up of lipids and proteins that surrounds nerve fibers. The damaged myelin forms scar tissue (sclerosis).

This could be brought on by different inflammatory conditions, and or deficiency of the B12 Vitamin Whether you have MS or are proactive about preventative solutions, proper supplementation is important.

Dr. Peter Osborne  (PBS 2016) 

"B12 Deficiency signs takes many years to show up and it's   irreversible!"

-"B12 Deficiency is dangerous and can kill.  The body can’t make it and vegans or vegetarians can’t get it through diet. Even if you eat lots of meat, can have deficiency in B12 because of Gluten sensitivity or Acid imbalance. People with Silica disease are deficient in B12. Also, any acid-reducing drugs (Off-counter or Prescription medications) can reduce the body to absorb B12. Chemo, Radiation or x-ray’s also can reduce B12 in the body plus decrease Folate and CoQ10 which is dangerous.

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Symptoms of MS can include: Muscle weakness, weakness and imbalances in the body, tremors, loss of speech, difficulty walking, and numbness or tingling, fatigue and vision issues. 

Very multifactorial, there are nerves everywhere and we have to take care of them Through diet and supplementation.

Food lifestyle and whole food supplements. These supplements include Vitamin D, including natural sun exposure but also a highly absorbable Vitamin D supplement. Anti-inflammatories, Omega 3 fatty acids to keep overall inflammation in the body down and helping the nerves to function optimally.

Also, incorporate Vitamin B12, to maintain proper nerve function.

Parasites can also be a result of autoimmune disorders and other health concerns.. so be sure to incorporate a good Herbal / parasite cleanse as a routine to your lifestyle.

Probiotics is also very important Such as PROBIOTIC 40 (BILLION) MAKTREK BI-PASS TECHNOLOGY. https://www.lookingvibrant.com/products/probiotic-40-billion-maktrek-bi-pass-technology-non-gmo-gluten-free-bpa-free-china-free

In a groundbreaking study performed at New York University, Martin J. Blaser, MD;

"We now know that Just One round of antibiotics can disrupt /destroy your good gut microbes for up to 2 years".

The first and most overlooked reason that our digestive tract is critical to our overall health is that 80 percent of your entire immune system is located in your digestive tract!  That is an astounding percentage.

Martin J. Blaser, MD: Many people with health issues such as thyroid imbalances, chronic fatigue, joint pain, psoriasis, autism, and many other conditions do not realize that these illnesses originate in the gut...


Detox is also Essential

Just like toxic chemicals threaten our ecosystem, chemicals and toxins ingested by our bodies interfere with the optimal functioning of various organs. Most detox solutions out there may flush out toxins but also sap your body of nutrients and weaken it. 

We recommand 100% Herbal Detox Sweep + Nourishment from lookingvibrant.com . https://www.lookingvibrant.com/products/detox-sweep-nourishment-non-gmp-gluten-free-bpa-free-and-china-free

Follow a whole food diet:  avoid inflammatory foods such as dairy, wheat (gluten), soy, genetically modified foods (GMOs), additives and preservatives. Avoid refined foods, such as white breads, pastas, and sugar. Eat more antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables including more folate rich foods like dark green vegetables, legumes and lentils. Use healthy oils in foods, such as extra virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil. Make sure to drink plenty of filtered water daily to flush out toxins!

We also recommend antioxidants such as YOUR DAILY FOUNDATION With Over 200 Ingredients. Non-GMO, 100% Vegetarian, Gluten free, and Soy Free.


Citrus Fruits: Which are high in vitamin C or ascorbic acid, are especially beneficial for improving the health of the person suffering from this disease especially with LIPOSOMAL VITA-C That delivers as high as injection orally to the bloodstream within minutes.

(Dr. Alec Banham, at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK. Said: “Liposomal vitamin is packaged like a bodily cell so it passes through the digestive barrier and delivers more than 90% of the nutrient directly to the bloodstream within Minutes. “) Product link:  https://www.lookingvibrant.com/products/vita-c

CURCUMIN: Curcumin Is Anti Inflammatory, can selectively modulate multiple cell signaling pathways linked to inflammation and to survival, growth, invasion, angiogenesis, and metastasis of cancer cells". - Bharat B. Aggarwal,Ph.D. 

Resveratrol is an antioxidant /anti inflammatory. Dr. Johan Auwerx said; “Resveratrol makes you look like a trained athlete without the training. An ordinary laboratory mouse will run one kilometer on a treadmill before collapsing from exhaustion.    But mice given resveratrol run twice as far  https://www.lookingvibrant.com/products/liposomal-curcuminx-resvital-liquid 

Lookingvibrant.com offers both ingredients in one  amazing Liposomal formula / bottle called: LIPOSOMAL CURCUMINX+RESVITAL. https://www.lookingvibrant.com/products/liposomal-curcuminx-resvital-liquid

Greasy / Fried food will put further strain on your bodily systems so you should avoid this. Oily foods, which contain a lot of trans fat, contribute to poor circulation and do not help to strengthen the nerves or the immune system.  It is important for MS patients to follow a healthy diet.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock   

"How to Keep Your Brain from Aging"  

  • “The brain consumes 20% of all the oxygen in the blood and 25% of all glucose yet the brain is only 2% of the body weight. So, it’s an enormous factory and it’s constantly replacing every component, Some takes years and Some takes months. We’re finding out that some of the most important components, primarily, Omega 3 Fatty Acid and DHA are Depleted very, very rapidly (within two weeks). What does this mean? That if you’re deficient in these fatty acids your brain will start to change its structure very quickly! The brain can’t function 100% if its vital component is missing and it only takes two weeks of Omega 3 Fatty Acid  deficiency to produce One of the first signs of this behavior! This finding or study is not new and it’s mentioned in Dr. George Gould, M.D.’s book, Hypoglycemic, published 1910 and in 1935. Studies found connections between low blood sugar causing symptoms such as mimicking hysteria, psychosis and anxiety conditions in 1973. We’re also seeing connections between sugar/carbohydrates metabolism in the brain leading to hyperactive behavior.” 
  • “Most cancers are caused by poor nutrition.”  “Major cancer stimulators are the Omega 6 oils like canola oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, vegetable oil, and corn oil. Almost all oncologists know this but rarely do they tell their patients to stop consuming such products!” 

Ginger has been used as a spice in the kitchen. (You can drink Ginger tea to avail the benefits of this herbal cure for multiple sclerosis.)

Fish oil like Virgin Norwegian Salmon oil from Lookingvibrant.com is very beneficial for treating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.  (Help to prevent weakness of bones in MS patients and also boost the functioning of the nervous system.) But must be taken daily.

Vitamin D is specifically known for its neuroprotective effects and it can make a huge difference to the mental as well as physical health of MS patients.

Vitamin D: It attaches itself to the receptors which are located on the white blood cells and which are found to be involved in the immune response in multiple sclerosis.  In fact, many researchers and theorists believe that lack of vitamin D is one of the most common causes of multiple sclerosis.

High quality Vitamin D supplementation is recommended with a minimum of  5000iu D Organic daily offered in a premium formula from Lookingvibrant.com called, BONE&OSTEOX1000. WITH CHEMICALLY VALIDATED (FTIR FINGER PRINTED). https://www.lookingvibrant.com/products/bone-osteox1000

Techniques such as deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation can be used to counter the stress and strain caused by MS symptoms on the body.Meditation also stimulates the neurons in the brain and builds new neural pathways that help to improve the mental agility of MS patients.

Processed foods contain many chemicals and additives.  They are also high in fatty acids such as trans fat, which are bad for your health.  Commercially produced foods such as chips and burgers contain low nutritive value and contribute very little towards the boosting of the immune system.  It is important to eat foods which are non processed and healthy. These contribute towards better functioning of the immune system and the nervous system, both of which are weak in MS patients.

Fresh air and exercise, are great way to keep us feeling our best, the happier we are the healthier we are…

Cheers- Team Lookingvibrant.com 

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