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University of Colorado: "Not a single microgram of green tea was detected in the blood"!

by Looking Vibrant May 15, 2018

University of Colorado: "Not a single microgram of green tea was detected in the blood"!

New Lipid Powder Technology has changed the game when it comes to delivering meaningful antioxidants & nutritional supplementation to the bloodstream.
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Science doesn’t lie!


Wondering why millions of consumers have been consuming vitamins,  antioxidants  and drink green tea for many years without any noticeable benefits! 

LookingVibrant.com  has developed formulas with all-active ingredients includingtransporters/delivery systems (in capsules and liquid) that help chaperone phytochemical into the intended targets inside your body. 

Our New Breakthrough Liposomal Products Optimize Nutrient Delivery to Maximize Potency...

Involving students from the University of Colorado, the objective was to detect the presence of antioxidants, which are an important reason why green tea is consumed by millions worldwide, in students’ bloodstream. Astonishingly, with this clinical trial (sponsored by lookingvibrant.com), not a single microgram was detected in the blood of the students who participated. (As seen in the chart above)

The liposomal creators at LookingVibrant tested bioavailability among the same group of respondents in the University of Colorado study, this time using green tea with a new Lipid Powder Technology as a delivery method ina capsule .

A significant amount of green tea EGCG (The antioxidant and pro-oxidant activities of green tea polyphenols) was detected in the students’ bloodstream 45 minutes after they had consumed the lipid powder (capsule) green tea formula as seen in the chart above.

Why is it essential to deliver nutrients to the bloodstream?  Dr. Bruce Ames said: "The nutrients must be delivered to the bloodstream because the (RBC) Red Blood Cells acts as a mail carrier, delivering all nutrients to the tissues and the rest of the body".

LookingVibrant was inspired to conduct experiments involving the delivery of Vitamin C after learning about how Liposomal Vitamin C revived a gravely-ill New Zealand farmer who had fallen into a coma for weeks, and the hospital was about the pull the plug after they had used nearly every medical treatment possible to save his life, but nothing worked, as covered in the 60 Minutes report below. 

LookingVibrant’s liposomal formulas ensure  that all nutrients are delivered into the bloodstream with the highest absorption with longer lasting as shown in the chart below.

According to Dr. Alec Banham, Cambridge, UK, “Liposomal vitamin is packaged like a bodily cell so it passes through the digestive barrier and delivers more than 90% of the nutrients directly to the bloodstream within minutes.”

LookingVibrant’s liposomal is derived from non-GMO certified sunflower, imported from Europe and wrapped with a Nitrogen blanket to protect from any contamination from inception to production.

Following the merger of LookingVibrant and GENOMX23, it has grown significantly and meaningfully. Among the latest supplements making waves, is BONE+OSTEOX1000, chemically validated via FTIRfinger printed with Bioperine.

Other formulas from the company cover cardiovascular support, digestive health, skeletal health, herbal estrogen enhancers, probiotic natural testosterone enhancers, CoQ10 Zero Crystal and overall health. 

 Check out the Green Tea video below.

The company’s products are made in GMP/FDA approved facilities in the USA, undergo rigorous testing, benefit from topPh.D. Phospholipid experts, Pharmacognosy specialists and holistic healthcare practitioners.

Check out their reviews with more than 90% rated 5 out of 5 stars and 70%+ of reviews are posted from doctors, dietitians, and other professionals. 

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