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What Causes Pre-Diabetes and Insulin Resistance? By M.S. Shane., E. (Ex biochemist for Eli Lilly and Co.)

by Looking Vibrant February 17, 2018

What Causes Pre-Diabetes and Insulin Resistance? By M.S. Shane., E.  (Ex biochemist for Eli Lilly and Co.)

By Shane.,E.  (Ex Biochemist for Eli Lilly and Co.)

What Causes Pre-Diabetes and Insulin Resistance?

Everyone should know that drinking excess calories via soda, juice,
coconut water, Gatorade, almond milk and Vitamin Water will lead
to pre-diabetes and/or insulin resistance.

....that's how it works.

“Insulin resistance” is a description for what happens when muscle
cells resist the glucose (sugar) and nutrient delivery actions of insulin,
causing blood sugar to soar. The normal range for fasting blood sugar is
85–95 ng/dl. But when insulin resistance sets in, levels spike to
110–125. That’s the start of hormonal ignorance.

Like an alcoholic who has to consume more drinks to get the same
intoxicating results, the pancreas responds to higher blood sugar by
unleashing greater amounts of insulin to force feed the muscles. But the
cells continue to resist the sugar push. Chemically, the tidal wave of
insulin causes receptors to get “gummed-up.” The muscle cells fail to
vacuum sugar from the blood in response to the actions of insulin.

Without sugar and nutrients entering muscle cells, hormonal dynamics that
control metabolism and health go AWOL. The hormones ghrelin, leptin and
cholecystokinin fail to work in an orchestra-like unison.  Therefore,  they
can no longer regulate hunger, appetite, food intake, and the feeling of
being full.

Ultimately, our hormone receptors become incapable of recognizing their
hormone counterparts, and metabolism comes to a screeching halt as blood
sugar and insulin levels rise. Our willpower becomes wiped out and the
brain screams eat, eat eat... we start eating way too much while
the body does nothing but store, store store.

Over time, appetite and food intake can diminish, but hormonal ignorance
will continue to prevent weight loss, as calories consumed continue to be
packed away as visceral fat. As you may remember, this is the abdominal fat
which accumulates around your organs. This is the most dangerous type of
fat, because it “oozes” inflammatory chemicals, which fuel the flames
of heart disease.

As hormonal ignorance dominates, human growth hormone (hGH) fails to
preserve the skin and muscle tone, and a host of other hormonal systems
fizzle out, making us candidates for high blood pressure, Type II diabetes,
cancer, stroke and heart attack. The output and balance of testosterone and
your sensitivity to it also dissipates.

This hormonal nightmare is a global phenomenon that affects hundreds of
millions worldwide and can eliminate decades from our lifespan. We are now
living in the first generation of man where life expectancy is moving
backwards because of insulin resistance.

But you're not doomed.  You can help fix the "gummed-up" insulin
receptors with few easy steps!

1-Start 18-Minute workout. (Use steam room and sauna.)

2. Take natural remedies like adding cinnamon / milk thistle to help reprogram
your insulin receptors and lower deadly blood sugar. Natural Herbal Formula: GLUCOSE-BALANCE FOR HEALTHY BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL. 100% HERBAL. (PATENT#7,235.390):https://www.lookingvibrant.com/products/glucose-balance

Get off sugary drinks and start drinking purified water and eating healthy
fat meals of humane-raised beef, chicken, eggs, avocados, veggies, butter,

Cheers- Lookingvibrant.com

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