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Dr. Bill Schneobelen: "Many drugs attack Your Body systems, they are actually supposed to be helping".!

by Looking Vibrant June 15, 2017

Dr. Bill Schneobelen: "Many drugs attack Your Body systems, they are actually supposed to be helping".!

Dr. Bill Schneobelen On Drugs&Medications

Why you need your Daily Vitamins&Minerals especially If you're taking Prescription Drugs  or off-Counter medications? 

Dr. Bill Schneobelen, Counting the Cost!

• Many drugs are quite effective
• But, they carry a high price beyond the dollars
• Because they are toxic, Many drugs attack Your Body systems, they are actually supposed to be helping!

An Example, Cardiac Drugs;
• ACE Inhibitor drugs cause ZINC deficiency (Zinc is essential for Muscle functions and for the heart Valves to work properly)
• Beta-Blocker Drugs deplete CoQ10 and melatonin (COQ10 IS Co-Enzyme and is very helpful to the heart and energize the mitochondria in every cells in your body especially in your heart.
• Calcium channel blocker drugs deplete potassium and with low potassium it makes the energy pump in every cell in your body work less efficiently. Which means your Heart also will work less efficiently..

• Digoxin drugs (major heart stimulant) Deplete calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and Vit-B1
• Hydralazine drugs, Deplete CoQ10 and Vit-B6, You absolutely have to have FOR YOUR HEART B-6 TO WORK.

Far more people die every year from prescription drugs than illegal drugs. We all know that illegal drugs are dangerous and can kill. But on the other hand we’re told that Legal prescriptions and off counter drugs are safe or the side effects are minimized, Right?
Killer Drugs?

• Lancet study indicated that the number of deaths from prescription drugs tripped from 1983-93

• JAMA Study showed that 106,000 hospitalized patients die annually from prescriptions and off-counter drugs. 2.2 million suffer serious complications

• Drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death in the US!

“Medicine is now a high risk industry, like aviation. But the chance of dying in an airplane accident is one in 2,000,000, while the chance of dying from a medical accident is one in 200!” Dr. Lucian Leape, Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Bill Schneobelen Continues;
“People dying From Pharmaceutical drugs is like the Daily equivalent of a Jumbo-Jet crashing and killing all its passengers every day of the year. Now, imagine A Jumbo Jet crashing daily with 294 on board all dead. Would you think there will be a big out cry and the press will be all over this story, and the government will be All over Boing? Of course they would.. but why aren't 20-20, ABC, CNN, PBS,  and CNBC, etc. on this story? They were all over the news for months on the Sep11th attack when 3000 people lost their lives yet the victims who d ied on sept 11th were  the equivalent of only 10 days of people dying in America from Pharmaceutical drugs! 

These Media Agencies are getting paid hundreds of Million of dollars and aren’t going to say much against the Pharmaceutical industry”!

 Dr. Bill Schneobelen continues. A Problem of Bias;

  • Evidence of FDA preference for drug treatments, even over other methods that work better 
  • They downplay drug death 
  • They trumpet rare problems with herbs or vitamins 
  • In the past decade over a million people died from properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and very little is done about it. In the same time, 5 people had died from Herb, and now that herb is banned!

Cost-Benefit Analysis
• Forget human tragedy for a moment. Look at the Money…
• James Duke (USDA medical botanist) Points out that drug reactions cost citizens $136 Billion annually! Drug companies’ sales in 2016 passed one trillion!
• If it doesn’t make sense, there’s a buck in it!

FDA-Crimes against Humanity?

The FDA Took Two of our precious rights;
• Our right to know
• Our right to chose
• The FDA FREQUENTLY approves dangerous drugs Like Nutri-sweet or ASPARTAME Sugar, Chemotherapy that routinely kills, including off-counter medications like Tylenol and people have died from drugs like this. For example ZANAX is more addictive than Volume…

Doctors are forbidden by the FDA To prescribe, for example, Vitamin E for heart benefits. Also, in California, a physical can’t recommend alternative treatments for Cancer other than Chemo or Radiation for Cancer patients or their medical License will be cancelled!

Dr. Bill Continues: For years we’ve known the power of Folate but it was not allowed to be prescribed by M.D. Doctors and people have no time to read health journals and nutritional research to find out the tremendous benefits of these herbs or vitamins..

But also, Doctors aren’t allowed to tell us even if they know Until finally so many children are born with serious health issues because of deficiency of Folic Acid (Folate) and until recently, they started allowing doctor to prescribe their Synthetic Folic Acid because there are no drugs that can do the same amazing work & protecting the mother and her baby like Folate…

Dr. Josh Axe: ”Synthetic B9 / folic acid has been linked to cancer”! 
But  Your Daily Foundation and PRENATAL contain  Folate from 100% certified organic citrus . By the way, Your Daily Foundation Liquid Multi Vitamins contains more than 200 ingredients plus Organic Folate,  Not synthetic Folic Acid!


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