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REF: http://thoughtcatalog.com/jim-goad/2016/02/a-hard-way-to-die-17-viagra-horror-stories/

What a Hard Way To Die! 

17 Viagra Horror Stories by  Jim Goad litany of death, injuries, and personal humiliation blamed on Viaggravating circumstances! WHY THE MAIN MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING  SUCH HORRIFIC DEATHS???

VIGRAREXX IS 100% Nature Herbal Supplement From Lookingvibrant.com

Your Non-Synthetic Route to More Vigor and Better Performance (Testosterone support)  100% natural herbal complex. With  850mg per dose: (L- Arginine, Maca root, Tngakat-Ali root (100:1), Horney goat weed, Green tea leaf (95% polyphenols), Rhodilia root, Korean ginseng root and Theobromine (Cocoa bean extract) 

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum said:  "Hormonal imbalances is due to Low levels of thyroid Hormone in Women And low levels of Testosterone in Men , which are linked to heart disease."

Dr. Linus Pauling (two-time Nobel Prize winner) stated that “ The majority of all diseases could be traced to nutritional deficiencies”.


VITA- C Dr. Bruce Ames and Balz Frei re viewed world literature on Ascorbate and said:

"L-asorbate is SAFER AND THE MOST VERSATILE WATER SOLUBLE ANTIOXIDANT". "This means that adequate L-ascorbate can protect directly or indirectly, every part of the cell or organ from free radical damage".

Book Reference,   Dead Doctors Don’t Lie:  "The human body must need a minimum of 90 nutrients and 60 minerals daily in order just to function properly".

How to Take our Alkaline?  You may take up to 6 capsules depending on your pH level. You need to test your Alkaline pH test strips periodically. 

Acid 2 Alkaline (Organic Line) Help Support Your Body pH $28.99
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LIPOSOMAL VITA-C is Derived from non-GMO certified sunflower oil from Europe. (Watch Video). $36.85
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Thyroid Help (100% Organic Herbal Thyroid Support) For Under-active Thyroid Only $22.00
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VIGRAREXX (60 capsule) Supplement for men. 100% Herbal formula. $33.99
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YOUR DAILY FOUNDATION (90 Capsules) 100% Natural Formula $38.99
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