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Understanding a few simple facts about supplements Absorption!

Understanding a few simple facts about supplements Absorption!

  • Tablets- absorption less than 15%
  • Capsules- apex. 25%
  • Liquid- apex. 35%

The majority of the people have low absorption due to unhealthy gut bacteria from Junk food, GMO, sodas with too much sugar, Vaccines, Off-counter and prescription medications. Thus, enhancing absorption should be priority #1 for any supplement formulation serious about maximizing the benefit of each nutrient…


Our Nutrition Ph,D. Gurus (Dr. Tracy) solve the absorption issues in few ways;

  • Adding high quality Bioperine extract (Sourced from Sabinsa) to each formula; Increase absorption by 2000% according to food scientist Mike Adams.
  • Most of our capsule formulas contain absorption patent system by Dr. Tracy.
  • Liquid vitamins also contain Bioperine and other ingredients that can help increase absorption.

Liposomal form delivers the highest to the blood stream through its Phospholipid form

WHY Use Liposomal?

Remember, Without chaperon / delivering the nutrients into the (RBC) Red Blood Cell that acts as a delivery man to deliver each nutrient into its intended target (As doctor Bruce N Ames wrought in his research paper), there’s very little Benefits FROM ANY VITAMINS, MINERALS OR HERBS!


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