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About us

LookingVibrant is a premier nutritional company that specialises in the development of innovative, science-based nutritional supplements, formulated to help healthcare practitioners and their patients in their drive to achieve healthy lifestyles.

We study our products in rigorous clinical trials with the best Nutrition PhD gurus, while seeking inspiration from many scientists, doctors, nutritional therapists, herbalists and holistic health professionals before bringing it into fruition.

LookingVibrant ensures the highest standards of manufacturing in GMP/FDA Approved facilities with a third party testing.

We steer clear from incorporating artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, chemicals, fillers or animal products (except Whole Honest Whey Protein, Bone+OsteoX1000 and Wild Salmon) in our health supplements. We strive to formulate supplements that are Undenatured, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Alcohol free just as nature intended the human population to obtain nutrition in the first place.

We have combined modern day science with traditional wisdom to concoct our health-boosting supplements that can help everyone lead better lives. We try to offer consumers a cost-effective nutritional channel to make health-conscious choices while maintaining highest level of customer service. 

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