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Neuro Support

Why DHA's and B12 are essential for brain health in your daily diet?

Neurosurgeon  Dr. Russell L. Blaylock;

DHA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) /EPA  (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 

    • “DHA/EPA gets Depleted very, very quickly in the brain if not replaced by good nutrition.”
    • " Within 2 weeks, the brain starts to get deficient in OMEGA 3's if not replenished with the right amount of healthy fats like Salmon Oil, Cod Oil or  Coconut Oil. But  What does this mean?

Dr. Blaylock: " If you’re deficient in these fatty acids, your brain will start to change its structure very quickly. The brain can’t function 100% if one of its vital component is missing and it only takes two weeks of Omega 3/DHA deficiency to produce one of the first brain signal /signs of this behavior!"

However, wild fish can be expensive and contain Mercury.

Lookingvibrant 100% Salmon oil is imported from Norway tested for mercury and heavy metal is the safest way to get your Omega 3's. 

Regarding B12  WITH DR. PETER OSBORN (PBS 2016)

"B12 Deficiency takes many years to show up and once the damage is done, it's irreversible."

"Any acid reducing drugs (off-counter or Prescription) can reduce the body's absorption of B12. Chemo, Radiation or X-Ray’s also can reduce B12 in the body, Plus decrease Folate and CoQ10 which are dangerous”. Vitamin B-12 is required for the proper function and development of the Brain, Nerves and Blood cells.  Helps convert fats and carbohydrates into energy."

Sources for B12

Meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese.


Pernicious anemia, memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, eye disease age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

It helps in regulating a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system, etc.

Dr. Mark Hyman said:  “Glutathione is connected to every cell in the body. For those who have chronic Fatigue, Heart disease, Cancer, Chronic Infections, Autoimmune disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's, Arthritis, Asthma, Kidney problems, and Liver diseases,etc.  You name it. If you are very sick, you Most likely have a Glutathione Deficiency.”

DR. MIKE VANDERSCHELDEN:  "What Deplete  Glutathione"?

"Many medications (off counter and prescriptions) but especially Tylenol. But if you want to get the best benefit you need to take Glutathione in Liposomal form in order to get the true benefits."

100% WILD NORWEGIAN SALMON OIL. The only Salmon oil on the market is Not Distilled Or CO2 Extracted. $36.99
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Liposomal B12-50NM (Liquid) Our Liposomal Derived from Non-GMO certified sunflower oil from Europe. $36.00
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LIPOSOMAL GLUTATHIONE 500 MG (Liquid) Our Liposomal Derived from non-GMO certified sunflower oil from Europe. $58.85 $65.00
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NEURO-FUEL (90 Capsules) $33.99 $43.00
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YOUR DAILY FOUNDATION (90 Capsules) 100% Natural Formula $38.99
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